Technical consulting

See a map of projects ecoPartners has developed and contributed to here.

Improved Forest Management (IFM)

ecoPartners has developed and verified numerous IFM projects under all versions of the CAR Forest Project Protocol. Through partnerships with landowners, we have performed inventory design, carbon accounting and forest modeling throughout the United States.

Avoided Conversion

ecoPartners has helped to verify the majority of Avoided Conversion projects registered with CAR, including some of the first projects to successfully generate credits from the soil carbon pool. Credits generated from these projects will fund ongoing conversion and management of important bird migratory and wildlife corridors.


Through our relationship with verification bodies, ecoPartners has verified projects under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Forest Project Protocol, including Improved Forest Management (IFM), Avoided Conversion (AC), and Afforestation / Reforestation (A/R) project types.