For domestic project development, including:

Feasibility Assessment

Our team of experts helps forest owners and investors understand the financial and practical considerations of a forest sequestration project. By assessing carbon sequestration value, project additionality, development risks and suitable project design standards, we are able to present clients with the information they need for decision-making.

Project Development

We provide a range of project development services to forest owners. We can lead all development activities – from inventory data collection to carbon accounting to project verification and monitoring – or work with forest owners to carry out a portion of these tasks. We can complete projects in as little as 4 months.

Maintenance and Monitoring

After a project is underway, periodic monitoring is required. We take steps during project development and beyond to ensure that this process is easy, inexpensive, and reliable.

Audit Oversight and Support

With the unique perspective of having experience in both project development and auditing, we have a thorough understanding of the verification and validation processes.

Access to Buyers

ecoPartners has established relationships with buyers and brokers of offset credits and is able to help make the necessary connections between generated credits and willing buyers.