Free California Compliance Profroma

We provide a free proforma to qualified landowners interested in engaging compliance markets in the United States. We use existing forest inventory and third-party data to assess the long-term financial viability of proposed projects under the California Compliance Offset Protocol for U.S. Forests.


General Prefeasibility Assessment

We offer a low-cost desk exercise to determine the possibility of crediting for a proposed project. The prefeasibility assessment includes a basic check on additionality and a general range of crediting volume, presented in a short report.


Full Feasibility Assessment

We offer a complete feasibility study including a thorough site visit to assess all requirements for project feasibility including costs and revenues. We use a highly detailed and proven compliance checklist to ensure all elements of proposed projects are adequately examined. We document all findings, risk factors, proposed mitigation strategies and financial models in a complete feasibility report. The feasibility report is sufficient to solicit outside investment for project design and development.


Custom Feasibility Assessment

Depending on the specific needs of a particular client, we can tailor a feasibility assessment to examine specific risk factors or crediting profiles. Further, we can work to build capacity within our client's team to better enhance internal abilities to originate and filter proposed projects.


Feasibility Study Checklist

  • Additionality. Determine whether the proposed project qualifies for crediting.
  • Methodology. Identify the best method for quantifying emissions reductions and removals.
  • Crediting volume. Quantify the range of credit issuance under different scenarios.
  • Risk factors. Identify current risks to crediting and credit saleability.
  • Risk mitigation. Propose actions to mitigate high-risk factors.
  • Development cost. Estimate the design and development costs including risk mitigation actions.
  • Revenue stream. Estimate a range of proposed project revenues from credit sales over time.


Feasibility Studies Are Important

Potential project investors require a third-party feasibility study from a reputable and experienced consultant. Moreover, a good feasibility study may show a proposed project is not variable, saving you from unpleasant surprises at later stages of project development.