Having your forest management project certified through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has direct benefits to the forest and surrounding people. FSC certification ensures biodiversity is protected, as are indigenous people’s rights, and areas of environmental or cultural significance. We can assist clients through the FSC certification process so their forests are guaranteed to be managed in a environmentally beneficial manner.

Integrating carbon

As carbon stock estimation methods gain acceptance and as markets provide new incentives for the ecosystem services provided by forest owners, FSC-certified timberlands will increasingly look to carbon markets to reward sustainably managed forests. Our team includes globally recognized experts in carbon accounting and forest biometrics. We have the experience of managing commercial timberland and we help landowners understand how to integrate existing timber operations with the growing markets for carbon sequestration and other ecosystem services.
Getting paid to manage the carbon stored in forests is nothing new. For many years, forest owners have received compensation for the carbon sequestered by their forestland through California’s Climate Action Reserve (CAR). ecoPartners has developed numerous projects under the Climate Action Reserve protocol, including acting as technical partner on one of the first Improved Forest Management (IFM) projects to be successfully verified.


FSC participants can leverage over two decades of experience in the voluntary carbon markets, which have established cost-effective methods for quantifying the carbon sequestration value of forests.