ecoPartners has played every possible role relating to methodologies for forest and other land use projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Our team of experts has authored methodologies, validated methodologies (as third-party validators), and implemented projects under numerous project methodologies and standards. ecoPartners is a recognized expert in methodology development.


Our experience with project development gives us a healthy appreciation for the difference a good methodology can make. We begin methodology development by clearly defining protocols and requirements, often partnering with developers who understand the technical and practical aspects of project development and who are likely to implement the methodology.


The focus of our methodology development work is to prescribe specific, unambiguous procedures and requirements that are easily understood by both project developers and third-party auditors. We measure our success by the clarity of the methodology and the speed with which projects can be implemented.


Our track record of successful methodology validation enables us to help our partners navigate the methodology validation process. We assist with overall validation strategy, soliciting and reviewing proposals from validation bodies, and managing the logistics of the validation process.