For international project development, including:

Feasibility Assessment

Our team of experts helps landowners, project developers and investors understand the financial and practical dimensions of an avoided deforestation project. Before investing in full project development, we provide our clients with our initial assessment of key considerations, including carbon sequestration value, project additionality, proper engagement with indigenous communities and other landowners, project risk factors, and suitable standards and methods for project development.

Project Development

We work with our clients to take their projects from a concept, through the technical aspects of quantifying carbon emissions reductions, to eventual third-party validation of the project’s greenhouse gas reductions and other benefits.

Monitoring Support

Forest conservation projects are required to maintain ongoing monitoring of project benefits, including periodic updates to carbon stock estimates and carbon accounting. ecoPartners has designed efficient systems to perform these ongoing tasks in order to minimize the costs for project proponents.

Audit Support and Oversight

Project validation and verification is an important and rigorous process for REDD projects. The project proponent must demonstrate a project’s credibility to a third-party auditor. ecoPartners’ experience as a project developer and as an auditor enables our team of experts to help clients streamline the audit process and increase the likelihood of approval.

Access to Buyers and Credit Valuation

ecoPartners has established relationships with carbon market participants. Our value lies mainly with reputation for technical expertise and the credibility of our carbon accounting methods. Our clear and concise accounting documentation makes credit valuation simple.