MRV: Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

MRV is the cyclical process to generate carbon credits for sale. We help our clients to reduce long-term MRV costs through effective project design and continual capacity building to shift technical responsibilities to project staff over time. We develop tools to simplify MRV and to differentiate carbon credits in the market specific to each project.


MRV Checklist

  • Implementation. Implement project activities.
  • FPIC. If necessary obtain free, prior and informed consent.
  • Measurement. Apply the monitoring plan.
  • Non-permanence risk. Update the reversal risk of the project to crediting.
  • Adaptive management. Revise the design of the project to better fit an evolving reality.
  • Measurement. Apply the monitoring plan.
  • Reporting. Demonstrate crediting and co-benefits.
  • Verification audit. Confirm crediting and co-benefits.