ecoPartners offers a variety of services from project design and development to methodology creation and tree allometry.

Carbon Management

We provide a long-term solution to sustained credit generation. Our strategy is based on knowledge transfer, capacity building and efficiency. Successful projects benefit from the tools and services that ecoPartners provides.

Reduced Risk

ecoPartners has extensive experience developing and verifying carbon projects. We are able to identify risks to credit generation early in the project development process and minimize risks with early-action mitigation strategies.

Reduced Cost

ecoPartners provides three important services that reduce upfront costs and the cost of long-term monitoring:


  • Accelerated time-to-market: our specialized workflows and tools reduce the length of time required to quantify credit generation and complete project documentation. Our experience with project validation and verification minimizes delays during the auditing process.
  • Complex sample design: we use advanced statistical sampling to reduce the number of forest measurement plots required to quantify credit generation and to improve accessibility. These savings are realized throughout the lifetime of the project through reduced monitoring costs.
  • Remote-sensing systems: ecoPartners provides adaptive remote sensing equipment for monitoring carbon stocks in areas with persistent cloud cover. These systems can be deployed on almost any platform because they are compact and light-weight.
  • Negotiated contracts: we negotiate discount pricing for project auditing services and legal representation, the savings from which are passed on to our clients.