Carbon-Financed Conservation and Restoration

We Build Highest Quality Carbon Projects

EP Carbon was founded at the inception of the modern carbon markets. We have spent 15 years guiding carbon projects from concepts to impactful realities.

We create financial value through forest conservation and restoration. Our work uses carbon markets to monetize the emissions avoided when healthy forests are maintained or removed by new growth.

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Our Services, Your Project

Project Identification

Initial Technical Assessment

We provide an early technical assessment of your project, whether it is at the concept or early development stage. This assessment helps to chart a path to credit generation from the most appropriate carbon standard.

Access to Capital

Project Finance for Development

Our initial technical assessments or design studies can be used to secure project finance or development partnerships. We can communicate with your preferred investment partner, or facilitate the presentation of your project to our network of capital providers.

Project Design

Designing High Quality Projects

We build projects using our quality and integrity principles to ensure a highest quality, lowest risk path to development. We start with a feasibility or design study to evaluate your development options. We use leading geospatial data and proprietary technologies to increase the rigor of the design process, combined with our on-the-ground support to align project design with stakeholder interests. Our design studies provide comprehensive data to facilitate informed investment and development decisions.

Asian man farmer agriculturist happy at a rubber tree plantation with Rubber tree in row natural latex is a agriculture harvesting natural rubber in white milk color for industry in Thailand
Risk Mitigation

Strengthening Viable Projects

We couple every project design with a risk mitigation plan to address gaps and uncertainties. This assists projects to prepare for a rapid and efficient development, and build the confidence of investors, community members, and credit buyers.

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Development Partnerships

Bringing Projects to Market

We provide carbon technical development and monitoring services and facilitate partnerships for effective project development. We build on the foundation of our technical design services and ensure that each project has the financial structure and implementation team necessary for long-term success.

Quality Projects, Impactful Credits

EP Carbon develops projects that withstand external scrutiny of their climate and community benefits. We believe that carbon markets can deliver value to vulnerable people and places, but only when development processes are rigorous and transparent.

We ensure that projects reach the market delivering real impact, showcased using Impact Inside.

As a Certified Partner of Impact Inside, all of EP Carbon’s project’s have access to technologies to facilitate impactful project design, real-time monitoring, and transparent sharing of project activities and benefits.

Development Values


EP Carbon requires a strong body of evidence to prove projects are additional. We conduct a rigorous assessment to ensure there are insurmountable barriers to project activities such that they would not occur without carbon revenue. This confirms the real climate benefit of your projects.

Realistic Baselines

EP Carbon has a systematic approach to baseline scenario analysis with requirements for each project category. We target high risk areas and apply an objective risk analysis to ensure credibility. We use jurisdictional baselines, and ensure projects are compared to the best "without the project" scenario.

Accurate Climate and Co-Benefits

EP Carbon requires projects to design activities that produce verifiable climate and community benefits. We support project proponents in this process with work plans that design monitoring practices, measure their results, and give transparency to stakeholders and credit buyers.

Two brothers standing by with a bamboo boat on a head in rural Thailand.


EP Carbon believes that we need both short-term and long-term climate solutions. We believe that forests can be a long-term solution, if projects are well planned and have strong community support. We work with our partners to build projects that will be operated for decades and manage natural risks.

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Stakeholder Benefits

EP Carbon’s mission is to promote benefit sharing for vulnerable people and places. We require projects to incorporate stakeholder feedback in the project’s design and benefit sharing plans. Throughout a project’s lifetime, EP Carbon helps monitor projects to ensure equitable distribution of these benefits.


EP Carbon respects the confidentiality of our projects during development, but we ask for transparency with regard to analyses and materials upon project registration. Projects benefit when stakeholders and the public can examine documents and calculations, and understand clearly the distribution of benefits.

Project Proponents

We work the direct project beneficiaries, like forest owners, NGOs and communities, to design, finance and implement carbon projects.

Carbon credits can fund the conservation of your forest while providing a long-term source of revenue. Our projects reduce carbon emissions from forests through sustainable conservation and restoration activities.

Healthy forest ecosystems sustain biodiversity, water quality, skilled jobs, and other community benefits, including funding for schools.

Partnerships for Development

We facilitate partnerships to ensure that project proponents have the administrative structure, implementation capacity, and financial resources necessary for successful project design and development.

We believe that direct project beneficiaries are best placed to lead the design and development of carbon projects. Our partnerships program provides the support these front-line proponents need to navigate the carbon markets.

We identify funding and collaboration partnerships through our Drawn Carbon Program. By collaborating with highly-experienced development partners, our approach frees project proponents to focus on what they do best: implement high-integrity carbon projects with direct benefits to people and place.

Depending on each project’s needs, our partners range from financial entities that provide startup capital, project finance or sales and marketing support, to administrative and implementation partners to supplement the proponents existing capacity and fill any gaps required for successful project development. Learn more about our project finance opportunities at

We bring conservation finance to forests throughout the world.

Recent Projects

Orangutan with baby

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project protects 640 square kilometers of critical orangutan habitat while channeling carbon revenues into impact activities that promote socioeconomic growth for tens of thousands of people.

Man with group in forest

REDD+ Project for Caribbean Guatemala

Each year, hundreds of local farmers join to conserve regional forests that provide carbon revenues for health care, education and technical extension. As the first grouped project of its kind, the REDD+ Project for Caribbean Guatemala is a model of smallholder engagement to create impact at scale.

Woman with facepaint

Mutatá REDD+ Project

Empowering indigenous communities, the Mutatá REDD+ Project strengthens self-governance and control of forest resources. Carbon revenues from avoided forest loss are reinvested within communities to finance sustainable agriculture, education and employment.

How it Works

  • Submit your project idea for review, here.

  • Participate in an initial technical assessment or design study.

    We identify technical considerations, risks, projected returns and financing requirements.

  • Determine a partnership strategy for development.

    We connect you with investors, assist with due diligence, and identify additonal partners that could help the project succeed.

  • Structure the project for direct local benefits.

    We help you to develop a co-benefit strategy and obtain any required free, prior and informed consent from stakeholders.

  • Attract buyers

    We document your story and sell it to potential credit buyers for premium pricing.

  • Implement activities

    We collaborate on an implementation plan that you execute.

  • Measure, validate, and verify impacts.

    We identify monitoring indicators that you track. Then, we document impact and facilitate a third-party audit.

  • Register and deliver credits

    We help you with the paperwork to fulfill purchase agreements. We assist with ongoing measurement, documentation and verification. Depending on the complexity of activities, it may take between six months and two years to deliver initial credits.


We work with standards that provide access to top markets for projects around the world.

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Compliance Offset Protocol for US Forest Projects

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